Gum Therapy Treatments

Gum Disease

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is an infection of the gums by bacteria. One in three Americans suffers from some kind of gum disease, and our team of dentists and hygienist are ready to turn that around.

Gum disease even remains the number one cause of tooth loss in America, so taking care of your gums is important for long-term oral health. Regular cleanings and brushing habits are the best way to prevent periodontitis or gingivitis from forming in the first place.

Therapeutic Solutions

Because gum disease manifests itself differently in each individual situation, there are a number of different strategies for getting rid of build up tartar and allowing the gums to heal themselves. These solutions often involve some form of ‘deep cleaning’ where special attention is given to problem areas hidden beneath the gums.

Gum disease forms pockets where the teeth are held in place, and these pockets can fill with plaque, causing them to eat healthy gum tissue. Stopping this infection is vital to oral and even heart health, so be sure to consult your dentist if you think you may have gum disease.

Our Gum Therapy Treatments Include:
  • Full-Mouth Evaluation
  • Arestin Therapy
  • Periodontal Maintenance
  • Regular Cleanings
  • Root Scaling and Planing
Gum Therapy Treatments by Prestige Dental Care

One of the most common problems we deal with as dentist is gum disease. While serious, gum disease is entirely preventable and can be treated and even reversed with proper care.

If you have any questions about gum disease our the therapies we offer our patients, please call our office or send us an email. Our goal is to make dental care more comfortable and productive.

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