Full Mouth Periodontal Evaluation

When it comes to controlling the spread of gum disease and keeping it from getting worse, regular checks by your dentists can go a long way in managing and even reversing some of the symptoms of gum disease. There are several steps involved with a comprehensive periodontal exam, and each step is designed to make sure your teeth are taken care of in the long term.

The Process

When you come in for your oral exam, your dentist will go over a checklist of areas that can indicate someone is suffering from gum disease. The main areas our dentists will check are the teeth, gums, plaque, pockets, and risk factors.

The teeth are checked to make sure they are still in place and the enamel is still strong and intact. Gums are next, which should be pink and firm. Bleeding from brushing can indicate gum disease is present.

How much plaque is present usually depends on how well someone cleans his or her teeth at home, and the build up of plaque often accompanies gum disease. The pockets of gums that hold up your teeth are the main indictor for how severe an infection is. The deeper the pockets, the looser the teeth can become, resulting in eventual tooth loss.

Why We Conduct Evaluations:
  • Monitor Progress
  • Prevent Spread of Infection
  • Develop a Treatment Plan
  • Determine Risk Factors
  • Prevent Re-Infection
  • Treat Disease
Full-Mouth Periodontal Evaluations by Prestige Dental Care

The spread of gum disease affects millions of Americans, and our team at Prestige Dental Care is trained to help fight it. If you have any questions about periodontitis, or if you think you may need an evaluation, get in touch with our front desk or send an email and we will be happy to assist.

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